Ideas for Your Big Day Off

THE BIG DAY OFF is the perfect opportunity for business organisations and groups to create "Day Off" events for their members. However, we have also created a list of suggestions of how individuals can also take a break, treat themselves and enjoy a day off. Why not make September your month of renewal by doing a little something each day. Even small changes can make a big difference to your mindset and motivation levels! Let's get started.


01 A day in bed with a good book

02 Brunch with friends or family

03 Treat yourself to a massage

04 Catch up with an old friend

05 Visit with family

06 Pamper yourself with a spa day

07 Have a special dinner with family

08 Think about and write down your dreams

09 Have a technology or screen free day

10 Take a walk in the park barefoot

11 Lie on the grass and watch the clouds

12 Spend the day meditating


13 Sausage sizzle in the park

14 Learn a new talent (eg juggling)

15 Treat yourself to a High Tea

16 Visit your local library

17 Take in a theatre performance

18 Visit an art gallery

19 Learn a new skill for fun (eg painting)

20 Write a letter to yourself in 5 years time

21 Create a chalkboard of ideas

22 Create a vision board of your hopes and wants

23 Learn a musical instrument

24 Take a scenic drive and visit lookouts

25 Catch a ferry to somewhere different

26 Paint a picture or build a sculpture


27 Finish a gym workout

28 Take a walk in the park

29 Go fishing (and take a good book)

30 Eat something completely exotic

31 Take a long walk along a beach

32 Take the family to a park

33 Watch funny movies and laugh lots

34 Hire a bike and cycle your city

35 Release your inner child. Do something you enjoyed in childhood

36 Climb a mountain and admire the views

37 Eat something new to you

38 Go for a swim in the sun

39 Don't go to work. Let your staff be the boss

40 Have your staff (and yourself) swap work roles for the day

41 Do something physical that you don't normally do (yoga, bike ride, run, swim, dance)


This year our BIG DAY OFF will be at:

1. Café @ Bayliss - Shop 9, 289 Bayliss Rd, Heritage Park

2. Berrinba Wetlands, Crestmead

3. Event Cinemas, Browns Plains

About Us

The Big Day Off is a creation of SBIS that encourages small business owners to take one day off in September to live, rest and stay fully charged.

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