The Big Day Off Principles and Ethics


As a result of many years working with Small Business Owner’s we recognise the small business sectors value and the need to encourage Small Business Owners to consider their own stress levels and the right to breathe and live life and have a Big Day Off to Relax, Renew and Revive to Thrive. This enables better decision making and better management for positive outcomes for their business and our economy as a whole.

“Stress is often described as a feeling of being overloaded, wound-up tight, tense and worried. We all experience stress at times. It can sometimes help to motivate us to get a task finished, or perform well. But stress can also be harmful if we become over-stressed and it interferes with our ability to get on with our normal life for too long”
Australian Psychological Society

Our Commitment

To reduce the stress, overload, tension, anxiety or even depression in the Small Business sector,

To enable owners to acknowledge their contribution to our economy, their community, their families, their staff and themselves.

To help all to make positive, unemotionally stressed decisions enabling better more effective management of their businesses.


The Big Day Off Principles

Principle 1:

To Promote the wellbeing of all small business owners regardless of industry sector.

Principle 2:

To Encourage – reduction of stress for better decision making and improved management of their businesses. Principle 3:

Principle 3:

To Promote - the recognition of the small business sectors contribution, rights and economic value in our communities.

Principle 4:

To Treat all with respect no matter what size of business or economic background, race or religion or gender or disability.



“Everyone on this earth has a value, we just have to recognise and encourage that value to create positive outcomes” 
Helen Cowley
  1. Equality and value of our fellow human being
  2. Encourage generosity of spirit,
  3. Positivity decision making for better business management outcomes
  4. Honest, integrity, dignity and Justice
  5. Resourcefulness, enthusiasm, perseverance and positivity.

Events to be all inclusive and welcoming, low financial cost events that encourage all SMB’s in an open friendly environment for all.


Code of Conduct

We must be honest in our professional dealings, giving due credit for other people’s ideas.
We must treat professional colleagues and small business owner with respect regardless of competition or alliance. The confidentiality of knowledge or information must be respected.
Do no harm the ideals of “The Small Business Big Day Off”- insure that we deliver the correct message.
We must ensure that what we do contributes to making a better world – a positive value.




The Big Day Off 2016 - What's Happening

Meet like minded business people and breakfast with friends for the BIG DAY OFF
Share resources and Ideas
Collaborate and create Alliances and joint ventures.
Gain new business referrals
Discussion Business Topics

You are invited to 

Where:  Cafe @ Bayliss Shop 9, 298 Bayliss Road, Heritage Park

   Wednesday 7th September at 7am

Cost:      Cost $25.00
Or:         If you bring along a NEW guest 
           Cost  $20.00 per person

Business After Breaky with everyone we will head off for a talk and walk through Berrinba Wetlands Park at Crestmead (Click on the link to see what you are in for) with a short workshop on "Focus"

This will be followed by the Movies at Event Cinemas Browns Plains for all wishing to relax, for the rest of the day by watching a movie with the group.

Move TBA

Please contact Helen for more information and related costs.

Phone Helen:  0418 769 531

Email Helen:   Helen Cowley 



The Big Day Off Launch - 2014


The Big Day Off Launch 2014

The gold medal for who deserves a break the most goes to Small Business owners! 28 Jul 2014 Do you pull all-nighters? Can you not hold a conversation without your business being the main topic? Do you find yourself being...


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The Interview



Yesterday I was interviewed about The Big Day Off by my trainee, here is my interview about The Big Day Off. Share with your friends and family to get the word out there!

And thats a wrap! The celebrations for this years "The Big Day Off" has finished. However, that doesn't mean that we here at SBIS have finished planning. Hel...



This year our BIG DAY OFF will be at:

1. Café @ Bayliss - Shop 9, 289 Bayliss Rd, Heritage Park

2. Berrinba Wetlands, Crestmead

3. Event Cinemas, Browns Plains

About Us

The Big Day Off is a creation of SBIS that encourages small business owners to take one day off in September to live, rest and stay fully charged.

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For general information about the Small Business Big Day Off, including registration, please contact us at:
  helen.cowley (@)
  0418 769 531
  07 3297 0242