Are Small Business Owners being forgotten in the mental health sector?

Mental Health concerns for Small Business Owners

According to research conducted by Beyond Blue, one in five Australian workers has taken time off in the past year due to feeling mentally unwell. On top of this, it is estimated that approximately $10.9 billion is spent annually on mental health costs in Australian Businesses. Become involved in The Big Day Off that encourages small business owners to take their well-deserved break.

“Businesses are people” says Helen Cowley, principal and mentor of Small Business Improvement Services, the creator of The Big Day Off. Although progress in the mental health sector is progressing very fast, small business owners are being left out. “From owning small businesses myself, I know that dealing with customers, the stress of cash flow and working from home increases stress levels. It is the hard work that comes with owning a small business and unfortunately can make a lot of people crack under the pressure”, continues Helen Cowley.

“For small business there is no switch off button. Employees can have sick days, annual holidays whereas small business owners take their job with them, everywhere. There isn’t a time where they can just stop to relax, and that’s what The Big Day Off is trying to achieve. A rest day for small business owners,” says Helen.

“I have developed the community event The Big Day Off to try and encourage business owners to take a day off to relax, renew and revive to thrive. Taking a break is the best way to clear the mind and be more ready to work. It increases the profitability of your business and makes yourself more productive.” She adds.

“Taking time out from work to reboot your life is not just a new and enduring trend; it’s a necessity in our stress-ridden world,” writes Catherine Allen, Nancy Bearg, Rita Foley and Jaye Smith, the co-authors of “Reboot Your Life: Energize Your Career & Life by Taking a Break.”

"It really is a big problem, and the smaller the business, the more likely it is. Ultimately, not taking enough time off can prove extremely harmful to the owner, their family and their business," warns Cary Cooper, professor of organisational psychology and health at Lancaster University Management School.

Ironically, says Cooper, many business owners are precisely those who deserve a break the most. "Many already work significantly longer hours than others and have tremendous responsibility and pressure to shoulder. I'm a director and part owner of a university spin-off company, so I understand their reluctance to take time off. Not everyone can afford it and many have no-one to cover for them. Naturally they're concerned about protecting their livelihood and everything they've invested in their business, while employees depend on them, too."

“It is a proven fact that business owners need a break. While having your own business has a lot of good and positive things, there are also some negatives that can outweigh the positives if it isn’t handled correctly. That is why I am encouraging business owners to join me and take a day off in September sometime to relax, renew and revive to thrive”, Helen Cowley is a big visionary in make sure that businesses take time off in their busy schedule to do the things they love.

“The launch for The Big Day Off is going to be on September 3rd at Outback Jacks in Browns Plains. We are also delighted and honoured to announce that Mayor Pam Parker will be attending the breakfast launch at Outback Jacks to open this community event. If you would like to attend the breakfast is $25 and to stay afterwards for the activities is an extra $10. Please contact us via our Facebook page or contact myself directly through my website;” Helen Cowley says. If you too would like to attend the launch or become involved in many other The Big Day Off events, please contact Helen.

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This year our BIG DAY OFF will be at:

1. Café @ Bayliss - Shop 9, 289 Bayliss Rd, Heritage Park

2. Berrinba Wetlands, Crestmead

3. Event Cinemas, Browns Plains

About Us

The Big Day Off is a creation of SBIS that encourages small business owners to take one day off in September to live, rest and stay fully charged.

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