The gold medal for who deserves a break the most goes to Small Business owners!

Small business owners deserve a break

Do you pull all-nighters? Can you not hold a conversation without your business being the main topic? Do you find yourself being withdrawn from the outside world? Time to wake up! You need a well deserved break. Become involved in The Big Day Off that encourages business owners to take a break!

Christina Haberstroh from Fundera says “Small business owners should take time off. Sure, you’re thinking you don’t have the time, or that you can’t leave your staff or maybe that thing won’t get done without you. But think about it another way; you can use this as an opportunity to show your team how much you trust them—that you believe in them enough to hold down the fort in your absence.”

“Truthfully, putting in those long days and being attached to your computer and phone constantly may actually make you less productive, not to mention that you increasingly run the risk of bringing on irritability and memory loss.”

Haberstroh adds, “A recent study by The Centre of Creative Leadership shows that 78% of executives, managers and professionals who use smart phones for work are connected 13.5 or more hours a day, five days a week. Plus, they spend about five hours on the weekends connected as well- for a total of 72 hours a week”.

Melina Schamroth also says “While Australian States and other countries celebrate public holidays on differing days, for many small business owners and solo operators, its business as usual. With the phone ringing a little less frequently and the external demands often being a little less demanding, it can provide some quiet time to catch up.”

Although studies have proven that taking public holidays or weekends to catch up on work in your business is not actually benefiting you or the business, instead it is impacting your health and the productivity of your business.

“For small business there is no switch off button. Employees can have sick days, annual holidays whereas small business owners take their job with them, everywhere. There isn’t a time where they can just stop to relax, and that’s what The Big Day Off is trying to achieve. A rest day for small business owners,” says Helen, principal and mentor of Small Business Improvement Services, the creator of The Big Day Off.

The Big Day Off is a community event for businesses across Queensland during Queensland Small Business Week. This event is run by Helen Cowley and is in conjunction with Small Business Improvement Services, which is a company in south-east Brisbane that aims to improve businesses productivity and profitability.

Helen Cowley developed the idea of The Big Day Off from real life experiences with her customers. “I would meet with some of my clients and they would just sit and cry, begging me to help them. There was no way I could help them though, they needed to go and take a break to clear their mind. I would tell them to go home and rest and come back the next day. When they came back, they would have a clearer picture and be able to process new ideas.”

“That’s why I have developed The Big Day Off; this day will allow business to become more productive and profitable”, She continues.

“The launch for The Big Day Off is going to be on September 3rd at Outback Jacks in Browns Plains. We are also delighted and honoured to announce that Mayor Pam Parker will be attending the breakfast launch at Outback Jacks to open this community event. If you would like to attend the breakfast is $25 and to stay afterwards for the activities is an extra $10. Please contact us via our Facebook page or contact myself directly through my website;” Helen Cowley says.

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This year our BIG DAY OFF will be at:

1. Café @ Bayliss - Shop 9, 289 Bayliss Rd, Heritage Park

2. Berrinba Wetlands, Crestmead

3. Event Cinemas, Browns Plains

About Us

The Big Day Off is a creation of SBIS that encourages small business owners to take one day off in September to live, rest and stay fully charged.

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For general information about the Small Business Big Day Off, including registration, please contact us at:
  helen.cowley (@)
  0418 769 531
  07 3297 0242