The Big Day Off 2016

The Small Business Big Day Off

Focus 2016


Mark Twain.

“And What’s is a man without energy – Nothing- Nothing at all”


Energythe strength and vitality required for sustained physical or mental activity.


 “Energy powers our world, our life and our business” it enriches our lives and business





It fuels our imagination, our creativity and our enlightenment and our ideas.”


We become unproductive without power/energy

The Focus of this year’s Small Business Big Day Off is that energy and power

This Focus here is on being productive not busy.


By taking the time to Relax Revive and Renew ourselves we can thrive.

By reenergising!


SO Why talk about Energy for the Big Day off?

 What has this to do with the Big Day off

Well you need energy and power to create successful businesses!

The trouble is we are often zapped of one or both.

 My experiences as coach:

 In working with some 100-120 small businesses a year over the last near 20 year I find that when someone is in crisis mode there is “nothing that will work” they find it difficult to make a decision and it doesn’t matter what I suggest as it is just be like tipping water into an already overflowing cup.

Many have come to me with great passion and commitment to their business and just want to grow- but there are stuck Often in tears because although they are passionate and committed to their business it just isn’t working it is just not working the way they planned or expected.

I can’t help them as They can’t possibly take another thought on or try another new or different concept. 

This means I am often saying “before I can start work with you I need you to take a day to go walk on the Beach with the sand between your toes or walk through the park and listen to the birds.  Then we will sit down and start the process of improvement.,


My experiences as a business owner.


As a determined achiever I am used to overloading my own life, but still stress and exhaustion can mount up and we often brush these warning signs aside as the price to be paid for the kind of success we crave. Sometimes we are both unwilling and unable to slow down but eventually our bodies will give us a some kind of a devastating reminder- abruptly too!

I experienced this in my own life I was brought up to do whatever it took, working hard and long hours never hurt anyone - even if that meant 7 day a week – then that is what it took!

That is a great attitude but sometime that is not as productive as we might like.

I know I worked 7 days a week, often 14-16 hours a day with 5 children in our engineering business and then wondered why I had a bout of depression.

My father use to say “Sometimes we just have to sit and think and sometimes we just have to sit!”


‘It’s often said that life is a juggling act: family, health, friendship, career, the thing to remember is that the career ball is the one that bounces best when its dropped’/ not the life ball


Our business survived but I would not have if I kept going!

“Never get so busy making a living that you forget to make a life”

The Facts we are all aware of:

How many of you when working for someone else had an RDO? 

In Australian many industry workers have an RDO (rostered day off). We value our staff.

In parts of Europe (Venice in particular) I have just found out - you are not allowed to work your horse for more than two days in a row and not on Sundays – it is too hard on the horses. So we even value our animals.

We give our staff RDO’ s but forget ourselves as business owners.


How many of you when something is not right say to yourself – if I walk away for five minutes and come back I might remember what I was doing or I might be able to see this in a new light?


Holidays are one thing where you go and spend time away with family. 

But actually spending a day off taking your mind off everything – Relaxing, reviving and renewing – emptying the cup that is over flowing and allowing for new ideas and things to come into your mind - this is often not thought of or scheduled into your calendars as a business owner


Other Facts:

  1. I READ A recent article in the Harvard Business Review list reasons why employees taking time off actually help thier career promotions and business.
  • it increases their chances of getting a promotion by 6.5%   – those that take time off increase the chances by 6.5% than those that don’t take their paid leave.
  • it positively engages their brain and improves important business metrics.  When a brain can think positivity-
    • productivity improves by 31%,
    • sales increase by 37% and
    • creativity and revenues can triple.
  • People were also perceive as being more productive.
  • Not taking time off means giving themselves a pay cut.
  1. How interesting – how many business owners forget about their own productivity and promotion?
  2. What does that mean? The two main points of the Small Business Big Day off!


All the research I read and yet nothing about Small Business Owners - So how do we as business owner treat ourselves and make sure we are as productive as we need to be?


And How do the public perceive Small Business owners value?

Years ago we had a client that even held up paying us – because “We could afford to go away for a week to visit family and if we could afford to do that we could afford to wait to be paid”

The Big Day off is not just about you as a business owner it is also about bringing recognition to the value of our small business operators and changing our community perceptions that we are part of a valued economy, we need research papers on our productivity and energy and our rights!


And Small Business owners have just as much right and need to have a day off without redress.

I JUST WATCHED THE MOVIE: The intern. With Anne Hathaway and Robert De Niro It is very much about re-entering yourself to be able to continue on and stay calm in crisis moments.

Do you want to be as successful in your business – then value yourself and your own energy and power.

“Never get so busy making a living that you forget to make a life”

And Never get so busy that you are not productive!

By going back to basics, you can regain control and therefore make clear, informed decisions, you can take on new ideas, you can understand the support you are being offered and see how you can implement that change or improvement and also build supportive habits to create a business you love living.

Press the pause button

Relax, Renew and Revive to thrive:

“Energise the powers you need in your world it will enrich your life and business

It will fuel your imagination, your creativity and your enlightenment and your ideas.”

We will also Value our place in the business world as small business owners.


The Big Day off so far?

1. We launched the Big Day Off in 2014 in Logan.  The Mayor Pam Parker, and a couple of speakers on health and wellbeing, workshop and a walk in the park.

2 Last year we had a breakfast and “off to the movies day”.

We have a website and facebook page.

What if and What else?

3.This year we will again start with our breakfast and an activity on the first Wednesday in September.

But we are hoping to take further and ask you to become involved and spread the campaign word:

Have your own event

The Big Day Off is not something for just my clients.

It not about costly events - they are meant to be days that everyone can come along to and can take without the burden of large costs.

it is about creating an awareness campaign of support for the idea -

Your thoughts create your world! 97.5% of business in Queensland is small business and this is the business of you!

It is about creating awareness around the value of our small business owners and their right and need to have time, it is about their sanity, their productivity and their efficiency and of course their success. –

If you want to be involve and create your own network of businesses owners getting together – you can contact us – we have list of ideas and suggestion, we would like you to list you event on our website and we will provide you a little information and this year a starter kit of:

 logo, posters, list of ideas for you to run your own events –

We also suggest attendance registration sheets. (this is our way of staying in contact with anyone that has joined one of our celebrations and keeping them up to date with ideas and tips encouraging them to further the day in following years.,

We encourage you to like our facebook page

Remember September is for Small Business owners to

Have a day off! to

 Relax Revive and Renew ourselves so we can thrive.

a man without energy – Nothing- Nothing at all




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This year our BIG DAY OFF will be at:

1. Café @ Bayliss - Shop 9, 289 Bayliss Rd, Heritage Park

2. Berrinba Wetlands, Crestmead

3. Event Cinemas, Browns Plains

About Us

The Big Day Off is a creation of SBIS that encourages small business owners to take one day off in September to live, rest and stay fully charged.

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For general information about the Small Business Big Day Off, including registration, please contact us at:
  helen.cowley (@)
  0418 769 531
  07 3297 0242